The Nightstalkers are a group of Adepts working as a vigilante team to kill dark mages during the events of Chosen

Members Edit

Will Traviss: The leader of the Nightstalkers, an Adept with the gift of speed magic making him quicker during a fight with Alex he's quick enough that it more or less cancels Alex's advanced warning via his magic (deceased)

Ja-Ja: A member of the Nightstalkers an Adept with the power the life drain people whilst this works on most people when he tries it on a far more powerful life mage (Anne) it fails much to his anger. Formerly a convict in the US (deceased)

Kyle: A member of the Nightstalkers an Adept with the gift of space magic allow him to store weapons and armour with a type of "hammerspace" he works as Will's second in command along with having some form of army training due to his mastery of explosives and firearms. The only known member of the Nightstalkers still living (Bound to Cinder)

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