Levistus is a Light Junior Council Member and Master of Thirteen.


Levistus appears to be in his fifties, with thinning white hair and pale grey, colourless eyes that faded into the shadows. He has an educated, detached, emotionless voice.


Levistus is very similar to Morden, emphasing how similar Light and Dark Mages can be. Like Morden, Levistus is calm, dry and emotionless, able to manipulate a situation perfectly - his sleeper agent led even a powerful Diviner like Alex Verus to worry about the future. On the surface, Levistus seems to be a loyal Council member, but his desire for the Fateweaver suggests that he has his own agenda. In this respect, Levistus differs from Morden - Verus knows why Morden desires the Fateweaver, but Levistus's aims are ambiguous.

In Veiled, Verus states that Levistus truly believes that he doing good and feels for the first time true fear of him. Verus thinks that this would make Levisturs capable of convincing others to follow him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like most Council members, Levistus is rumoured to use Mind Magic, though Verus doesnt know for sure. Levistus may also be able to use Air Magic, as Thirteen shows, but it's not known if Thirteen is merely a magical construct or a air elemental summound by Levistus. 


At the ball of Canary Wharf, Levistus meets with Alex to talk with him about his part in a job to get The Fateweaver for what he claims is the Council to keep it out of Dark Mages hands as they would attempt to gain a seat on the Council with the sort of power (which is Morden's goal). Alex quickly deduces that Levistus want The Fateweaver for himself. Levistus is represented at the British Museum by his elemental, Thirteen, and his sleeper agent, the Light Earth Mage Griff. Both are killed by Alex Verus and the Dark Mages respectively.


Thirteen seems to be extremely loyal to Levistus, powerful enough to kill swiftly and silently. Since air elementals, such as Starbreeze, are notoriously fickle and forgetful, this suggests that Thirteen has a close personal relationship with Levistus.

The Council: it is fair to say that he must hold a fair bit of sway on the council judging by his private space during the ball and his talk of payment. But it is also clear that they suspect him of trying to gain more power for himself by them sending a agent, Talisid, to aid Alex to make sure it stays out of his hands. In Veiled, Levistus tries to use the new power vacuum to raise his status from a Junior Council member to a Senior one.

The Keeper: Haken is loyal to Levistus and his ideals. He tries to keep the status quo. It can be assumed that Haken is not the only Keeper loyal to Levistus.