Griff Blackstone  is a Light Earth Mage who is a Council Police Officer, and also a sleeper agent for the Councillor Levistus


Griff is first described as 'a tough looking man, in his middle years, with iron grey hair'. He is normally dressed in brown and grey.


Griff seems at first to be capable, modest and hardworking. He is also tactically smart, immediately having the mist that Verus summoned blown away with Air Magic, and seeking to eliminate two big problems- Verus and Khazad- at once by forcing them to fight. Whether Griff serves Levistus out of loyalty or mercenary greed is unknown.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Griff is a Light Earth battlemage. His power is described as greenish brown, and, like Onyx, he can create different shapes with it, such as a giant maul. His magic is also subtle enough to create stone chains to bind other mages, and barriers made of rubble


Griff is first seen trying to stop Alex from leaving the British Museum with his team who have just arrived after Deleo and her team set off the alarm and unleash the lightning Elemental guarding the tomb. Luckily for Alex, Griff could  not see his true form due to him being in his Mist Cloak . Griff is met again by Alex the day after the ball and follows Alex inside, as he has hired Verus to be the Light Council's Diviner. Verus is kidnapped and forced to work for Morden, and Griff is there when Onyx and Deleo break into the Museum, duelling Onyx personally. He flees with Verus, but Verus realises that either Griff or Sonder is Levistus's agent, and Sonder is trapped in Abithriax's statue with them, not Griff. When they escape the statue, Griff is there, and traps Verus with Khazad, kidnapping Luna, Sonder and the Key. Verus warns Griff about Luna's curse, but a disbelieving Griff leaves anyway. After Alex kills Khazad, he follows Griff to the centre of the Museum, where he sees Griff torturing Luna to use the Key, not knowing that Onyx, Deleo and Cinder wait in ambush. Verus senses that Luna's curse is about to take effect, and pushes Griff into the centre of a triangle that contain Onyx, Deleo and Cinder, about to duel. All three notice and attack him at once, and, according to Alex, 'it was over very fast'.