Deleo (also known as Rachel), is a Dark Mage, the leader of Deleo's Group and a former acquaintance of Alex Verus


Rachel is tall and blond, with ice-cold blue eyes. Alex states that, 'when I had first known Rachel, she'd been a teenager, pretty and thoughtful, always changing. In her face, I could still see the person she she'd once been, but her face was immobile now, mask-like. She was striking, even beautiful in a cold way, but 'pretty' did not describe her anymore'. Now Deleo wears dark robes and a plain mask.


From what Alex says of her, Deleo as an apprentice was calm, thoughtful and analytical, yet indecisive, always changing her mind. This may be why she was losing the race to become Richard Drakh's Chosen to Alex and Tobruk respectively. This personality of Rachel's was shattered when Alex killed Tobruk, allowing her current personality to emerge. 

Deleo's current personality is that of a bitter, authoritative, slightly crazy Dark Mage. She follows the True Path, and is ruthlessly willing to stab someone in the back for the sake of power, such as Onyx or Alex himself. This personality extends to her Group, as she repeatedly berates Cinder and engages in a magical duel with Khazard when he allys himself with Onyx, having no reservations about striking down a member of her own team. Deleo's personality during combat is one of fearless courage, inhuman focus and extensive rage, as seen by her 'silent snarl' when facing Onyx.

Overall, Deleo's relationship with Alex is complicated. She has no qualms killing Alex- indeed she blames him for stirring up all the feelings she had when she was apprenticed to Drakh, feelings she would rather forget. This is worsened by Deleo's possible madness- Alex sees Rachel doing, 'a hundred different things, and I had absolutely no way of knowing which one she'd choose'. But she is willing to work with Alex, forming an alliance with him twice in Fated, maybe because they worked together under Drakh.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

It is stated that Deleo uses water magic. In a few instances, she is seen removing the moisture within a person's body leaving nothing but dust; effectively disintegrating them.