Benedict Jacka is a British author, best known for his Alex Verus series.



Jacka was born in England and attended the City of London School. He later attended Cambridge University, where he graduated with a Bachelors in philosophy and met his editor Sophie Hicks from Ed Victor Ltd. His first novels were three children's fantasy novels which weren't published. That honour went to a children's non-fantasy novel, a book called To Be A Ninja (Later: Ninja: The Beginning). Seven years later, in 2012, he published the first book of the Alex Verus series, two more followed the same year.


Critical reception for Jacka's work has been mostly positive. Of the Alex Verus series, the SF Site has cited the series' characters and chapter cliffhangers as highlights. SF Crowsnest gave an overall positive review for Cursed, while stating it was "an enjoyable, if unchallenging, read".


Alex Verus seriesEdit

  1. Fated (2012)
  2. Cursed (2012)
  3. Taken (2012)
  4. Chosen (2013)

Ninja seriesEdit

  • Ninja: The Beginning (2005)
  • Ninja: The Battle (2007)

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