Alex Verus is a freelance Diviner Mage and the protagonist of the Alex Verus books 

Before FatedEdit

During the course of Fated we learn that Alex was at one point one of four people apprenticed to the Dark Mage Richard. He is currently only one of two survivors of that group. He escaped after failing to save a young girl and being tormented by Tobruk, another apprentice. Desperate, he tried to seek help from the Light Mages, but was turned away. Through unknown means, he managed to find another teacher and became an Independent Mage. He also opened his Magic Shop.


Luna: She works for Alex helping gather magical items for him and by the second book has become his apprentice.

Richard: Former master of Alex, who has little love lost for him.

Deleo: The only other survivor of the group of Apprentices that Alex belonged to. She and her ally Cinder owe Alex a favour after he spares their lives at the end of the first book.

Cinder: Cinder has nothing but dislike for Alex from the first time they meet but he, like Deleo, owes Alex a favour for sparing his life at the end of the first book.

Khazard: Khazard dislikes Alex more for the fact he made him look like a fool when he was sent to capture the diviner. He was killed by Alex in the first book

Starbreeze: Alex has a good friendship with this Air Elemental along with a great respect for her power, even though he gets fustrated by her childish mindset.